Friday, March 11, 2011

Kids say the funniest things

So Emmalee and Bradley both say the funniest things sometimes. To day they both said soothing funny.

Emmalee: At dinner we had tostatas and Emmalee was telling Brian how he should make his. This is how the conversation went.
Emmalee- "Dad where is your sour cream?"
Brian- " You put it on last"
Emmalee" No you don't you put it on first. Where are you from China?"

I our house sometimes if my kids are being strange I will ask "Where are you from China"

Bradley: So recently Bradley has been doing some rather notty things like peeing in the bathtub, taking food in his room and getting it on his carpet. You know stuff like that. So when I go into his room to see what he is up to and I see that something is wrong I will ask him what happened and he will say i don't know or I didn't do it. Then I will say well who did it then the boogy man. So tonight he asked if he can open the Netflix movie and I told him no and to wait for dad to get home. 1o min latter he comes in to the room and the envelope is open in his hand and he says " Mom look what the boogy man did."
I guess it is true what they say about how we as parents need to watch what we say because our children will copy us. In our house that statement was proven true. I guess I am going to have to watch what I say.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Backstreet Boys

When I was in high school I was obsessed with Backstreet Boys. I am not exaggerating i was obsessed. I have all their videos all the cds and I even have a t shirt and i went to a concert. I slept on the ground down town Phoenix for tickets to that concert. I just found out today that they are back, I'm not sure how long they have been putting out new music but i just learned today that they have new music. So I put a playlist together to share with my blogger friends. I know u are all thinking what a dork but guess what I don't care because BSB rocks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This past week my best friend Jen asked me if I would make her daughter a barbie birthday cake. So I jumped at the opportunity. I love doing this so much it makes me so happy that I can use my talents to serve my friends. Thanks Ashlyn and Jen for the opportunity to use my talents.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Bradley

I was going threw the blog and realize i forgot to post about Bradley's Party and Birthday. Bradley turned 4 on January 27th we had a small party with family. I made an easy Dinosaur cupcake cake and took it easy because I felt sick but the party had to go on. Here are pictures of the fun evening.
Waiting patently to open his gifts

Bradley's fake smile to get me to stop taking pictures of him

Happy Late Valentines Day

For the kids valentines this year we went home made. We made cute cards with their pictures. I cut 2 holes one above the hand and one below and stuck a sucker threw it. I didn't take a picture of the end result i totally forgot.

For the kids valentines this year we went home made. We made cute cards with their pictures.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bradley's first day of Preschool

On the 18th Bradley went to his first day of preschool. He calls it primary I don't know why and I correct him every time but he still says it. He had a wonderful time and loves going.

He goes with his cousin Caleb and they get along great.

Emmalee's 7th Birthday

On Monday the 17th we had Emmalee's Birthday celebration. We took her and 4 of her friends horse back riding. They had a great time. Then we came home for pizza, cake and ice cream, and presents. It was a fun filled day. Here are the pictures of her special day.

Here are all of the girls
Petting the hore so it could be more comfortable with the girls riding it
Emmaleee right before she got on
Doesn't she look s happy!
They all just loved to pet the horses
I think we fed the horses 2 bags of carrots
Here is a picture of the cupcakes i mad with the left over batter from the cake
A close up of the detail on her dress

And here is Rapunzel cake I made for her special day